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Nikkei Asian Review: Megabanks favor peace over digital currency format war

Eager to ensure that digital currencies avoid the type of draining war that took place between supporters of VHS and Betamax videotapes in the 1980s, Japan’s big banks are taking steps toward a common format for online payments.

Coin Telegraph: Trading Opens On Crypto Exchange Giant Huobi In South Korea

Trading has officially opened in South Korea on the Beijing-born Huobi crypto exchange, according to Huobi Group’s official announcement March 30.

Coin Desk: TD Bank Considers Public Blockchain for Asset Tracking

In a patent application published Thursday, TD Bank outlined how it could use a public distributed ledger to help point-of-sale computers track transactions. In the scheme, computers would create blocks of data in which information about the assets being sold, their value in a given currency and the transactions themselves would be stored.

Coin Telegraph: China’s New Central Bank Head Is Pro-Market, Could It Impact Cryptocurrency Industry?

Already, within weeks since the election of Yi, the Chinese government has, for the first time, allowed foreign companies to enter the country’s payment sector and compete against local giants like e-commerce conglomerate Alibaba’s AliPay and the country’s largest technology corporation Tencent’s Tencent Pay.

Coin Telegraph: South Korean Regulators To Release Crypto Tax Framework By June

South Korea’s Ministry of Strategy and Finance will reportedly release a taxation framework for cryptocurrencies by the end of June, local news outlet Fuji News Network (FNN) reported March 25.

Coin Telegraph: Audi Is Exploring Blockchain For Its Distributional Network

German Ingolstadt-based car manufacturer Audi is testing Blockchain technology for its physical and financial distribution processing, Cointelegraph auf Deutsch reported today, March 30. With its new solution, Audi aims to increase the security and transparency in its global supply chains.

Coin Desk: Korean Police Bust Bitcoin Miners Illegally Using Cheap Factory Power

Fourteen people from 13 companies have been arrested for illegally using cheap electricity to mine cryptocurrencies at industrial complexes in South Korea.

Coin Desk: IBM Is Finally Getting Serious About Cryptocurrency

Now, it would seem the floodgates are prepared to open, with the $140 billion IBM revealing to CoinDesk that it has been meeting with executives from commodities trading platforms, large corporations, and perhaps most importantly, central banks, to explore how cryptocurrencies can help save them money and generate revenue.

Bottom lines:


  • The car industry seems to be exceptionally interested in Blockchain, first is Ford, now is Audi
  • Goverments (South Korea and Thailand) will be releasing crypto-regulations very soon
  • Giant computer firm IBM cannot ignore cryptocurrency anymore



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