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Business Insider: The founder of Ethereum just called the man who claims to have invented bitcoin a ‘fraud’

Craig Wright claimed to be the creator of bitcoin in 2016. But Vitalik Buterin, a confirmed creator of the Ethereum blockchain, called Wright a “fraud” at a conference on Tuesday.

Nikkei Asian Review: Coincheck accepts Monex takeover offer

Tokyo-based cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck, which was at the at the center of the largest-ever digital currency theft, decided Thursday it would accept a takeover offer from Japanese online brokerage Monex Group, Nikkei has learned.

Coin Desk: R3 Researcher: Central Bank Blockchain Could Go Live In 2018

A form of central bank digital currency (CBDC) may go live in 2018. “For wholesale use (of CBDC), I think we are looking at this year. We have had conversations with central banks who have mandates to fix certain payment problems, and one solution they look to is a blockchain type of platform.”

Coin Telegraph: S. Korean Regulator Orders 12 Crypto Exchanges To Make Contracts More Consumer-Friendly

The South Korean Fair Trade Commission (FTC) informed 12 cryptocurrency exchanges that they must change their adhesion contracts – contracts created by an entity where the terms and conditions are non-negotiable to the customer – due to their current lack of customer protection, local news outlet Yonhap News reports today, April 4.

Coin Telegraph: 14 Percent Of Japan’s Young Male Workforce Invest In Cryptocurrencies, Study Shows

A survey of male employees in Japan from ages 25-30 shows that 14 percent of the participants own cryptocurrency. Of the young Japanese male employees that own crypto, 92 percent said that they entered the crypto markets “for investment,” 37.4 percent “for the time being because it is a trend,” and 19.9 percent due to “acquaintance and media recommended information.”

Coin Desk: Mexico Tests Blockchain to Track Public Contract Bids

The government of Mexico has been quietly working on a project to track bids for public contracts using blockchain, a government official revealed Tuesday. “With blockchain applied to public contracts we’ll be able to know whether a company that provides services to the government is trustworthy”.

Coin Telegraph: Iranian Cyberspace Authority Says Telegram’s Upcoming Crypto Threatens National Currency

The secretary of Iran’s High Council of Cyberspace (HCC) has publicly supported the potential ban of Telegram within the country, citing the chat app’s recent Initial Coin Offering (ICO) as potentially “undermin[ing] the national currency of Iran,” local news outlet Al-Monitor reported yesterday, April 3.

Coin Telegraph: Sirin Labs Has Found A Manufacturer For Its Blockchain Smartphone

The Blockchain oriented electronics developer and OS supplier Sirin Labs has found a manufacturer for its Blockchain-enabled smartphone, Bloomberg reports April 4. A subsidiary of Foxconn Technology Group, FIH Mobile, has agreed to help develop the Blockchain phone, called the Finney.


Bottom lines:


  • Governments’ regulations on cryptocurrency are trying to protect customers
  • 2018 can expect the release of Central Bank’s cryptoccurency and Blockchain smartphones
  • Survey shows working age group wants to earn additional income



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