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Nami Internal Exchange User Guide

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Step 1: Visit Nami Internal Exchange Floor’s home page:



Step 2: Install MetaMask


MetaMask Installation Guide:
Note: If MetaMask has been installed on your device, please proceed to Step 3
Once MetaMask is set up, you can start using all functions on the internal exchange floor.


Step 3: Select EXCHANGE, then select the NAC → ETH tab, fill in the information and click SUBMIT



– Rate ETH/NAC : this is the conversion rate that you wish to have. Suppose you want to get 2100 NAC from 1 ETH, the ETH/NAC Rate inserted will be 2100.

NAC Amount you want to exchange to ETH: the amount of NAC you want to exchange.

ETH Amount received: the amount of ETH you will receive (this will be automatically calculated by Internal Exchange Floor’s algorithm based on the ETH/NAC Rate and the NAC amount you enter above)

Step 4: Click SUBMIT and wait for the nodes on Ertherscan to confirm (because all transactions on Nami Internal Exchange Floor use Smart Contract)


Note: Follow the same steps to creat ETH → NAC advertisment

Step 5: Review your Order Information



ON THE MARKET: other exchange orders on the market

MY ORDERS: your orders on the market

ACCOUNT HISTORY: your transaction history


Step 6: Select TRANSFER, fill in the information and click SUBMIT



Address you want to transfer: the ETH address you want to transfer NAC to

NAC Amount you want to transfer: the amount of NAC you want to transfer

Step 7: Select SUBMIT and wait for the nodes on Ertherscan to confirm (because all transactions on Nami Internal Exchange Floor use Smart Contract)


Why using MetaMask to interact with Decentralized applications?


1. MetaMask is the opensource ETH wallet managing application, so users can access and check the source-code themselves.
MetaMask is recommended by bunch of global experts.
2. recommends that MetaMask is the safest wallet management tool, after the cold storage wallet.
3. User can totally control their ETH wallet. All the wallet informations is saved only on user’s devices.


All of your transactions with Nami should only be sent to the unique Smart Contract address at

Our Management and Support Team will:

  • NOT require you to provide your password or private key
  • NOT require you to deactivate the double-layer authentication (2FA)
  • NOT require you to send any currency to any address

Help our team to protect you and community by keeping your information confidential and being careful with any of your transactions.


About Nami Corporation

Nami Corp. is a global FinTech Corporation working on Investment and Technology based on Blockchain.  It’s not just a single platform, we have created the whole Ecosystem to help Contributors and Traders around the world to utilize their experience and their money with the slogan “no spread, no swap, no commission”.

Inside our Ecosystem:

  • Nami Assistant – Virtual Assistant for Traders
  • – Investment and Trading Platform with Blockchain Technology Integration
  • – Crypto-Fiat Exchange Community
  • – Cryptocurrency Media Channel
  • nami.options (Coming soon)
  • nami.labs (Coming soon)
  • nami.mining (Coming soon)
  • (Coming soon)


Press Contact:

Email: [email protected]