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BitBattle for Community – solution for more active community

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Cryptocurrency market and blockchain community have been through a tough year in 2018 when market capitalization evaporated along with the belief in ICO projects. Even big players in the game like Bitcoin or Ethereum are facing challenges and difficulty regarding scalability and development.

In 2019, people has it that crypto market is recovering from the bottom and new trends in blockchain has appeared like STO instead of ICO, Stablecoin, decentralized exchanges (Dex) or blockchain-based entertainments. However, after a gloomy year, community interest in blockchain and crypto remains mournful.

According to data from Google Trend, compared to 2017 – 2018 period, cryptocurrency, blockchain, or ICO word search dropped down significantly. In other words, people has almost lost their concerns and enthusiasm about these “terms”.

Source: Google Trend

Before, airdrop or bounty programs attracted a lot of followers and used to be good method to promote about projects and products. Now, these are no longer effective ways to increase activity and engagement in the community.

Therefore, has come up with a new solution for crypto communities which are interesting and exciting enough to revitalize the crypto spirits – BitBattle for Community.

BitBattle for Community will bring a brand new and simple version of trading contest activity into crypto groups with valuable rewards. Participants will compete and discuss with each other at the same time either online or offline which can generate a lot of fun.

Basically, BitBattle will create special battle rooms for specific communities in out partnership and sponsor rewards in ETH or other Altcoins. Participant will use SPIN to predict price of BTCUSD to go UP/DOWN/SIDEWAYS in the next minute (1 SPIN/turn). Winner will be the one with highest number of correct choices and earn all the rewards.

  • Simple battle rules, attracting rewards in ETH: great opportunity to increase income
  • The more person participate, the higher rewards become: welcome more new member to your community
  • Competitiveness: users will find a lot of fun when battle and talk with other during the match
  • Flexible battle time from 30 minutes/room to even 1 day, 1 week, 1 month: increase daily active member in your community
  • Natural way to approach new users to promote your products/ services: BitBattle can combine with airdrop or bounty activities as conditions to join battle room

For example, you can set requirement to join the battle rooms like register email on your website, download you apps, experience your trial products/ services, join your telegram group or even KYC.

BitBattle for Community is suitable for both events, conferences, communities either online or offline, with maximum participants upto 10,000 person.

There are two ways to work with BitBattle for Community

  • BitBattle will sponsor ETH rewards and SPIN to open special rooms which are exclusive for your group, your members only.
  • Use your referral code to acquire more users and more members for your community to register on BitBattle. You can get commission 15% when your followers deposit and make transaction on BitBattle. See more: BitBattle partnership.

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About BitBattle

BitBattle is a P2P trading contest platform that allows users to set-up their own battles easily and win valuable rewards