Press Release 19 July, 2019 – 10:40 Become the Host and earn 10% Commission

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Copied to clipboard now allows users to open their own Survival Room with particular conditions

Survival Room is a special mode used to be opened and rewarded for winners by BitBattle only, from BitBattle’s cost. In order to join the room, user needs 20 SPIN for 20 prediction and win rewards in ETH if they record the highest number of correct choices. However, getting it wrong 5 times, users are eliminated. User can spend another 20 SPIN to start again and only the best result is ranked on the Leader Board.

In the latest update of, users can be the HOST of their own Survival Room và Reward Contribution can be either ETH or SPIN, it’s up to the HOST. No limit to the number of replay.


  • Entry fee: 25 SPIN for 25 choices
  • The HOST will decide how many wrong choices to be eliminated
  • Both the HOST and participants contribute to the Reward Pool
  • Reward for the TOP 1 on Leader Board (with the most number of correct choices)

* Exclusively: the HOST can choose joining the battle or just watching and earn 10% of Reward no matter that happens.

Conditions to become the HOST:

  • SPIN Balance in BitBattle account is 50,000 SPIN.
  • Register to become the HOST with BitBattle admin via telegram and provide your BitBattle ID.
  • Verification within 24 hours and then you can open Survival Room.

Buy more SPIN to become the HOST at Nami.Exchange.

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