Press Release 21 February, 2019 – 09:30

BitBattle Survival Room – Reward 1 ETH

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Win 1 ETH with $2

BitBattle Survival Room is a brand new battle mode in which users need 20 SPIN (equivalent to 20 turns) to enter the room. The first person to get 15/20 right choices will become the winner with reward 1 ETH.

If you get it wrong 5 turns, you will be kicked out of the room. In that case, you can use another 20 SPIN, re-join the room and start the battle again. Within battle time, if no one can if no one can achieve 15/20 right choices, 1 ETH will be awarded to person who record the most number of right choices.

What’s the differences in BitBattle Survival room?

  • It’s only take you 5 – 20 minutes for a match in the room. You can join the battle anytime in a day when you have leisure time.
  • It’s not necessary to wait for other participants or the system to start the game
  • It’s fair when everybody only have 20 turns = 20 chances
  • Huge rewards: 1 ETH for the winner

The first BitBattle Survival room has opened for all users and will start soon:

There are 2 ways for users to buy SPIN and join the battle room: deposit ETH to BitBattle and buy on SPIN Exchange.

If you deposit to BitBattle, 25% your deposit value will be converted to SPIN at rate of 1 SPIN = $0.1. So you just spend $2 = 20 SPIN and can win 2 ETH.

Otherwise, you can buy SPIN from SPIN Exchange easily and conveniently. The current exchange rate is $1.75 = 20 SPIN (the rate is subjected to change on market moves).

See more: How to buy SPIN on SPIN Exchange.


About BitBattle

BitBattle is a P2P trading contest platform that allows users to set-up their own battles easily and win valuable rewards