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BitBattle Technical update 2019

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Introduce SPIN Exchange

Three types of Battle rooms on BitBattle

After developing and launching in October 2018, BitBattle has attracted several investors’ interests and initiated significant updates in order to bring users wonderful experience and more valuable rewards.

BitBattle is a P2P Battle platform in which SPIN is internal token with various functions. to be specific, SPIN is burned mostly in Battle rooms to earn more ETH. As our previous announcement, SPIN is born upon depositing ETH/BTC into BitBattle. The conversion rate is 25% which means 25% value of ETH/BTC deposited will create a specific amount of SPINs for the users.

SPIN total supply depends on users’ deposit and the development of the platform, where as SPIN demand rise on usage of SPIN in Battle rooms. Therefore, BitBattle introduces SPIN exchange where users can buy and sell SPIN conveniently.

Currently, SPIN Exchange supports SPIN/ETH only but other tokens will be updated soon, like BTC, NAC, KNC, and so on. Based on SPIN conditionally limited supply and deflation mechanism, it is essential to differentiate clearly between SPIN born from ETH/BTC deposit and promotional SPIN.

On Jan 1st, 2019, BitBattle establishes 3 types of Battle rooms:

  • Normal Battle rooms opened and set by users
  • “BitBattle Conquest” room opened by the system with reward of 1 ETH
  • Sponsor rooms opened by BitBattle sponsors with specific terms and conditions

Accordingly, SPIN is classified into 4 distinct categories:

SPIN: SPIN is generated upon depositing ETH/BTC into BitBattle. This SPIN can be used in all types of Battle rooms, be exchanged freely on SPIN exchange and be represent the rights to receive dividends for BitBattle stakeholders. If you hold more than 10000 SPIN, you can earn dividend based on BitBattle business performance.

SPIN Bonus: you collect SPIN Bonus from promotional programs, referral users and other bounty campaigns. From Jan 1st, 2019, all SPIN you got from one of these will be converted to SPIN Bonus. Please contact our team through telegram if you need support in conversion.

SPIN Conquest: users are given on entering “BitBattle Conquest” rooms. These SPIN are usable in Conquest room only and not able to accumulate after the match.

SPIN Sponsor: users are given on entering Sponsor rooms in order to finish missions set by BitBattle sponsors and collect more rewards.

In the near future, BitBattle will hold special event called “Lucky draw 2019” to celebrate new year holiday with abundance of gifts and rewards for our dear users. Please follow our telegram to get the most up-to-date information:



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