Press Release 10 January, 2019 – 06:44

Conquest BitBattle to win upto 3 ETH

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The biggest Battle room ever has been opened in BitBattle! Reward more than $300 is waiting for you to conquest!

“BitBattle Conquest 3 ETH” is one of our new year events in order to welcome a prosperous 2019 for all traders and cryptocurrency market. The Great Battle will start at 20h30 (GMT+7) Jan 12, 2019 and close at 22h30 (GMT+7) Jan 15, 2019.

Basic rules in the Great Battle remain the same: users predict the direction UP/DOWN/SIDEWAYS of the next M1 candlestick on chart BTC/USD, 1 SPIN/turn. On entering the room, users are given 10 SPIN Conquest used on the room only and cannot be exchanged. When you use up 10 SPIN Conquest, you need to use your own SPIN to continue the  battle.

Room: “BitBattle Conquest 3 ETH”

Time: 20h30 (GMT+7) Jan 12, 2019 – 22h30 (GMT+7) Jan 15, 2019

Person No.: 1000 person


During “BitBattle Conquest 3 ETH” period, special daily room “Conquest 1 ETH” will be temporarily closed.

Please follow BitBattle telegram and fanpage to get updated new events and activities!


About BitBattle

BitBattle is a P2P trading contest platform that allows users to set-up their own battles easily and win valuable rewards