Press Release 22 January, 2019 – 09:14

Guideline for BitBattle partner

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Becoming our inviter, you will instruct newbie on how to make money with BitBattle and will increase your own incomes in return.

A brief Guideline

On registering BitBattle, you have one and only one Referral code to invite other to join BitBattle with you.

Go to Referral on Other menu to get your code.

Copy your Referral code

Instruct your friends to paste your Referral code when they first sign up with BitBattle as below; so that they will be recorded under your Referral line.

Instruct newbie to join BitBattle telegram and fanpage to get the most up-to-date Battles and interesting Rewards.

You can keep track on your Referral line in terms of their activities on BitBattle and your respective commission.

Benefits for BitBattle partners

  • 15% on SPIN amount born from deposited ETH/BTC

Regarding how SPIN is born on BitBattle, SPIN (BitBattle internal token) is generated upon depositing ETH/BTC into BitBattle. The conversion rate is 25% which means 25% value of ETH/BTC deposited will create a specific amount of SPINs for the users. BitBattle partner will receive 15% of the ETH/BTC value which is converted to SPIN.

For example, one user under your referral line deposits 10 ETH, 2.5 ETH will be converted to SPIN at preferred rate. You will receive 15% x 2.5 ETH = 0.375 ETH as a recognition of your contribution to BitBattle development and SPIN market.

BitBattle has released series of promotions to attract more users. Details will be mentioned at the end of this article

  • 5% of Rewards after Battles

You can also earn more by encouraging users to open more Battle rooms and get their balance grown. If users under your Referral line win ETH in Battle rooms, you will receive 5% of their Rewards.

Who can become BitBattle partner?

BitBattle Partnership Program welcomes all users who want to earn more income.

BitBattle promotions

  • Register on BitBattle to get bonus 0.01 ETH (upcoming)
  • Bonus tokens on depositing ETH
  • Discount 10% SPIN price on depositing ETH
  • Open Battle rooms and get 10 USD
  • Lucky draw: let your wheel of luck roly poly and win valuable tokens
  • New mode Altcoin rewards: predict the right direction of the next BTC/USD M1 candlestick and win XRP, XLM, KNC, TOMO and KATrandomly.


About BitBattle

BitBattle is a P2P trading contest platform that allows users to set-up their own battles easily and win valuable rewards