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How to make money with BitBattle easily?

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BitBattle is a P2P trading contest platform that allows users to set-up their own battles easily and win valuable rewards like ETH or other Altcoins. Rule is very simple: choose UP/DOWN/SIDEWAYS if you think BTCUSD will go up/ down/ sideway in the next M1 candlestick. If you get the highest number of right choices, you win.

Special point that makes BitBattle a P2P platform is the flexibility for users, users can set their own condition, battle, ETH contribution rewards, and so on.

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In order to join or open battle room, you need to ETH to contribute reward and SPIN to predict, 1 SPIN/turn. Usually, when you deposit ETH/BTC into BitBattle, 25% value will be converted to SPIN (See more:

At first, you may find hesitation to deposit and open battle rooms because of the fear that no one join your game or too small reward. Therefore, BitBattle has developed 3 special Battle modes with rewards from the system without any ETH contribution.

This article will help you make money with BitBattle and where to buy SPIN

How to make money on BitBattle?

Currently, BitBattle opens 3 special modes, namely Altcoin Rewards, BitBattle Survival and BitBattle Racing.

1/ BitBattle Altcoin Rewards

You get rewarded for each of your right choice a random amount of Altcoins like XRP, XLM, KNC, TOMO.

3 SPIN/turn and will be returned if you get it correct. Additionally, you can choose to x5, x15 SPIN usage to multiply your rewards.

=> Join BitBattle Altcoin Rewards:

Step 1: Choose tab BATTLE to view list of battle rooms. Select BitBattle Altcoin Rewards

Step 2: you can see amount of token if you get it correct, as well as option to x5, x15 SPIN usage. Predict and choose UP/DOWN/SIDEWAYS

Step 3: If you get it correct you earn tokens and take SPIN back

Temporarily, BitBattle only support withdrawing by ETH so you need to convert your tokens to ETH before withdrawing to your Myether wallet.

Convert here. Choose Wallet => Convert tokens

To withdraw, you go to Wallet => Withdraw or visit here and input your wallet address, then click confirm. Please note that BitBattle do not support wallets from exchanges like Binance, OKex, and so on. Use you MEW only.

2/ BitBattle Survival

This battle awards you the most in BitBattle platform, with rewards upto 1 – 2 ETH, and you just need 20 SPIN = $2 to join the room. 20 SPIN/ticket gives you 20 choices.

  • 15/20 right choices: you win rewards 1 ETH, or 2 ETH, depending on the system
  • 5/20 wrong choices: you are kicked out of room
  • Battle time: normally 24 hours
  • Ticket price: : 20 SPIN/ticket for 20 choices

So far no one has won in this room, the best record is 11/20 right choices. When battle time runs up, reward will belong to the one with highest number of right choices. You get all the chance to win even if you join the battle early or later.

=> Join BitBattle Survival:

3/ BitBattle Racing

BitBattle will soon release the Racing. Different from Survival, Racing awards top 3 person in the room, the 1st prize is x2 the 2nd prize and x4 the 3rd prize. Therefore, you get more chance to earn ETH in this room.

  • Ticket price: 20 SPIN/ticket for 20 choices
  • Rewards: 1 ETH
  • Users can buy new ticket anytime and start the match all over again.
  • No limit ticket. The system will record the highest performance of each user

Follow BitBattle fanpage to get noti about new room:

How to buy SPIN?

As mentioned above, 25% value of ETH/BTC deposit will be converted to SPIN at rate 1 SPIN = $1. The remaining can be used in battle rooms and help you win more ETH.

Choose Wallet => Deposit and transfer ETH/BTC to BitBattle’s address like below.

Besides you can buy SPIN easily on SPIN Exchange with ETH and other Altcoins in your wallet like BTC, XRP, XLM, DAI, DOGE, KNC, KAT, so on. The system will get you the best price on the market. Currently, you can only exchange SPIN with ETH, however, other pairs will be updated in the near future.

Go to Get SPIN => SPIN Exchange. How to buy SPIN on SPIN Exchange.

** Connect BitBattle with Waves wallet to buy SPIN at cheaper price **


About BitBattle

BitBattle is a P2P trading contest platform that allows users to set-up their own battles easily and win valuable rewards