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Joining Korean Market:’s Official KakaoTalk channel launches

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한글 버전 [확인]

Raffles Place, Singapore  – Data published in 2017 from the South Korean Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) shows that in the last year, several major South Korean banks have earned 2.2 billion won ($2 million) in commissions from virtual accounts for cryptocurrency investing, a sum 36 times higher than the 61 million won ($57,340) made the previous year. South Korea now marks the world’s No.3 market in Bitcoin trading, after Japan and the U.S.

South Korea is the largest exchange market for Ethereum, accounting for more than 33 percent of its market share. According to Forbes, South Korea is carrying 2 million people trading cryptocurrencies. That’s not to mention Bithumb and Coinone – 2 out of 15 largest crypto exchanges – are also based in South Korea.

With the rapid growing market, for instance, those giant enterprises don’t want to be left out. For example, on the list of embracing blockchain you can see names such as: (1) Samsung SDS joining the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance in May 2017; (2) Kakao Corp., maker of KakaoTalk messenger, acquired fintech startup Dunamu to launch its own crypto exchange Upbit; (3) Gaming giant Nexon acquiring Korbit, the country’s first Bitcoin exchange.

That’s why decides to dedicate a giant share for this market.

We have just launched the official KakaoTalk channel for Korea: | Korea


Here in this channel, we will support and answer all enquiries and feedback to purchase NAC, the exchange rates, crypto market issues of Korean Contributors. Taking up the right positioning of Nami Corp., we guarantee the clearness and dedication to deliver the best consultancy. Korean contributors will be free to join for sharing and networking with others so that we can make the whole system grow.  

From now on, this channel will be added to the list of official direct communication channels for, together with 2 Telegram channels:


China and South Korea are two of Asia’s largest Token Crowdsale and digital currency markets. 40-50% raised fund of Token Crowdsale at Asia comes from Korean market. That’s why, at Nami Corp., we believe that needs to provide such assistance to Korean Contributors, so they can utilize their passion and experience in this vibrant field.

Cautionary Statement:

Please be careful with your contributions and make transactions with the only Smart Contract address of at:

Our Community Managers and Contributor Care will:

-NEVER ask you for your password or private keys

-NEVER approach you to ask you to deactivate two-factor authentication (2FA)

-NEVER ask you to send any currency to any address

Please help us protect you and the community by being careful with your contribution and transaction.


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