Press Release 23 January, 2018 – 05:46

Nami kicks off Industry Watch Report

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Raffles Place, Singapore – Take a look at our new series of industry reports about cryptocurrencies and techonology Market – Industry Watch at

Industry Watch is a sequence of daily news about FinTech industry, collected and reviewed every day from quality publishers from around the world, such as Reuters, CNBC, Coin Desk, Coin Telegraph, Business Times, Forbes, etc. in order to provide the latest insights and trends for Traders, Investors, Brokers, Dealers, the Press and other interested parties.

Blockchain technology, cryptocurrency movements, new tokens, governmental acts on the financial market, ICOs, Startups and so on are topics of news that can be found in this series. The articles are summarized and quoted so the readers can get the gist of the context in the most precise way.

With the endless information published every day, it’s nearly impossible to have a good grasp of all the events that are happening everywhere if you are left on your own. Let Nami help you!


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