Press Release 18 October, 2018 – 08:56

Nami Technical Updates October 18th, 2018

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Nami Trading game updates Gamer Performance

Preparation for Affiliate program with a lot of benefits and promotion

1/ Update 01: New “Sign up” function: Create an account or Log in with Facebook, Google accounts

  • Description: Gamers can sign up by email or login through Facebook, Google. It is more convenient for gamers to enjoy the game without complicated installation of Meta Mask and Trust Wallet.

  • Status: sign up and login Nami Trading game here
  • Developer: TrungND

2/ Update 02: New UI/UX for function “Choose price direction” and mission board updated

  • Description: UI/UX for choosing price direction has been improved. Meanwhile, new missions have been updated on Nami Mission board. With this, gamers will have more chances to collect free SPIN
  • Status: check out new missions here and enjoy the game
  • Developer: Chau

3/ Update 03: Gamer Performance Board

  • Description: Gamers have an overview about their results and performance through the Performance Board, so that they can adjust their trading strategies to earn more rewards
  • Status: this function is currently available on mobile only. Desktop version will be updated soon
  • Developer: TrungND

4/ Update 04: Preparation for IB partnership with Nami

Becoming an IB and joining Nami community will bring you many benefits, including:

  • Commission upto 20% – 25%
  • Convenient allocation channel to your client IDs without transaction fee
  • 1 iPhone XS for the agent who records the highest sale

Details about terms and conditions will be informed in the next few days. Stay tuned for further updates from Nami.

If you have any questions and comments, please join and discuss with us through our telegram channel.



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