Press Release 22 October, 2018 – 09:21

Nami Technical updates October 22, 2018

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Nami Technical updates October 18, 2018

Nami Technical updates October 16, 2018

New interface of Nami Trading Game on mobile for your exploration

New mechanism for reward conversion

5/ Update 05: you now can enjoy new face of Nami Trading Game on your mobile

We have made several changes on Nami Trading Game to bring gamers with better and more convenient UI/UX

  • More options to signin with Facebook, Google or sign up with your email

  • You can easily check out your current balance and Weekly rewards remained for your conquest


  • Update rewards on each level, so that gamer can keep track on their achievement

Nami Trading Game interface on desktop will be designed and published soon

6/ Update 06: New reward conversion and withdrawal

Your rewards in DOGE and XLM will be converted to ETH when you want to withdraw from Nami Game. The conversion rate will be quoted as Coinbase rate at the time of your withdrawal request. The fund will be transferred directly to your optional wallets.

Stay tune for our further update!

If you have any questions and comments, please join and discuss with us through our telegram channel.



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