Press Release 25 October, 2018 – 04:27

Nami Technical updates October 24, 2018

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Publish new interface of Nami game “The Battle of Bitcoin” on desktop

Optimize UI/UX for “The Battle of Bitcoin” on mobile

7/ Update 07: new interface for Nami game “The Battle of Bitcoin” on desktop

Nami Trading game desktop version is ready for your experience

Log in screen added “Restore password” function

Receive 3 SPIN for your first log in

Homepage on desktop with level board and rewards

8/ Update 08: Optimize UI/UX for “The Battle of Bitcoin” on mobile

Update player’s avatar

Player can choose “Receive rewards” to end the game at any level (just like Who want to be a millionnaire)

Display your winning history

New missions updated give you more opportunities to earn free SPIN

New function “Rules”: Winning higher levels will increase their prize fund. There are four important levels which are 1, 5, 10, 15. If you gets a choice wrong, but had reached one of these designated levels, you will leave with that amount as your prize. You can end the game at any levels that you want by choosing “Receive rewards”.

New function “Promotion code”: gamers will enter their codes to receive SPIN used for the game. You can get promotion codes by finishing Nami missions or purchasing on



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