Press Release 23 January, 2018 – 18:05

OFFICIAL: Conversion gate from DropDeck’s DDD to NAC opens on Jan 24th, 2018

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Updated on January 29th, 2018:

  • Regular Subjects of application: Investors who placed investment on DDD tokens and received DDD tokens directly through DropDeck’s Smart Contract by December 28th, 2017. Apply for both Non-PIN-transfer Investors and Investors who have transfered DDDs to PINs.
  • Latest date for Registration to convert:  January 30th, 2018 GMT +7


Raffles Place, Singapore January 23rd, 2018 – Over several negotiations, Administration Committee of Nami Corp. officially announces: To empower the interior potentials and promote activities, Nami Corp. confirms the acquisition of DropDeck brand name and will continue to develop the DropDeck project, which focuses on Start-up investment platform within the ecosystem of Nami led by Product Designer Vo Viet Anh.


In the act of supporting DDD Investors to convert DDD Tokens to NAC Tokens, both parties have come to the arrangement as follows:

Subjects of application:

Non-PIN-transfer Investors, Investors who placed investment on DDD tokens and received DDD tokens directly through DropDeck’s Smart Contract by December 28th, 2017. The exchange rate: 1 DDD = 0.15 NAC

As for DDD transactions to the wallet after December 21st, 2017: Only transactions that are matched in DropDeck’s report of GAS shortage and were resent are considered valid. The final decision is called by

As for Investors who have transfered DDDs to PINs: only regular when PIN Tokens are successfully transfered to the Investor’s Wallet address and displayed in, and these addresses can show that DDD Tokens were purchased before December 28st, 2017 through DropDeck’s Smart Contract. will predicate upon the amount of PIN Tokens existed in the wallet through regular DDD – PIN conversion to help Investors to revert the PIN – DDD rate: 0.0125 PIN= 1 DDD, then start to convert to NAC with the exchange rate: 1 DDD = 0.1 NAC

Process of Conversion:

Step 1: register

Register via this form: Registration

The registration opens from: January 24th, 2018 to January 30th, 2018 GMT +7. Registration form will be closed after this deadline.


Step 2: transfer DDD Tokens to’s wallet

After completing the registration, investors need to send DDD Tokens to’s wallet 0xcA293800147768Bece42669bb29995F1b238d456 before 12 AM January 30th, 2018 GMT +7.

After this deadline, all transactions to Nami’s Wallet will not be valid.


Step 3: verify information

Nami will verify every registered address and proceed within 3 weeks – before the Launching of’s Internal Exchange.

Because the number of DDD investors is up to 1800, the verification and processing might take up to 3 weeks to process to ensure precision of information.

In case that the wallet address is not regular but the Investors still transfer DDD Tokens to’s wallet, our Support Team will return the DDD Tokens to the Investors.


Step 4: receive NAC from for Investors with regular registrations

After finishing all the steps, the regular Investors can check their NAC Token amount at the official’s official website.


All questions or support requests please send to email: [email protected]

Title:“DDD to NAC | Support Request”; with all the details of wallet address, description of your issue and screen capture (if any).


In case of delay due to objective reasons, please be patient, your conversions are still in processing. Nami Team is trying our best to process the conversion. At Nami, we always respect your rights, freedom and decisions for your investments.

Nami and the whole team welcome new Investors to We’re looking forward to being your companion in your successful investing decisions.


Cautionary Statement

All the details in this Press Release are based on the arrangement between Nami Corp. and DropDeck’s BOD. According to this arrangement, Nami Corp. is still collecting all the financial documents together with DropDeck’s Investor Information to verify the datas and finalize the acquisition the brand. However, Nami Corp. does not take any legal responsibility to DropDeck’s properties and liabilities.

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Nami Corp. is a global FinTech Corporation working on Investment and Technology based on Blockchain.  It’s not just a single platform, we have created the whole Ecosystem to help Investors and Traders around the world to utilize their experience and their money too.

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About DropDeck

DropDeck is a global royalty and debt financing platform for fast growing businesses with a pure smart-contract and token-incentivized mechanism to evaluate and fund businesses worldwide.



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