Press Release 02 March, 2019 – 11:56

SPIN discount 20% on Waves Platform, easier to get money with

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On February 22, 2019, Nami – the developer of P2P trading contest has listed their token NAC/Nami on Waves Platform.

On this occasion, BitBattle would like to inform promotion program for BitBattle users to buy SPIN at a discount of 20% on Waves Platform on buying Nami

Promotion: connect BitBattle – Waves, buy SPIN at a discount

Start from: March 1, 2019

BitBattle users need to connect their account with their Waves wallet and buy Nami on Waves, then they can have SPIN at preferred rate of $0.08/SPIN instead of $0.1/SPIN as before. When BitBattle users make their Nami purchase on Waves completed, SPIN will be automatically calculated and transferred to their BitBattle account accordingly.

Currently, you can buy Nami with BTC, ETH, Waves; so that make sure your Waves wallet has enough balance for payment.

1/ Open Waves wallet: link

2/ Transfer BTC with Waves: link

3/ Transfer ETH with Waves: link

4/ Connect BitBattle with Waves wallet: link

After getting your Waves wallet verified on BitBattle, buy Nami on Waves and you will get SPIN at discount rate of $0.08/SPIN. Waves will charge you 0.007 WAVES/transaction.

How to buy Nami on Waves

Search for one of the pairs Nami/BTC, Nami/ETH or Nami/WAVES.

Input purchase amount of Nami and click “Buy Nami”. On Waves, 1 Nami is fixed at $0.16

For example, you buy $50 token Nami, your BitBattle account will have $50/$0.08 = 625 SPIN (discount 20% from previous rate of $0.1/SPIN).

Go Battle on

Warning: selling orders of Nami at a lower rate than $0.16, will not be executed.


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