Press Release 16 February, 2019 – 09:16

SPIN Exchange on BitBattle

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For Bitbattle users, SPIN is requisite in order to join almost all Battles on the platform. However, current procedure makes buying SPIN quite complicated and time wasting as users have to transfer their ETH through their personal wallets and Coinbase wallet. Moreover, users must bear the cost of transaction fee and longer confirmation time as the Ethereum network is slowing down.

Aiming at creating a simple and convenient exchange market for SPIN, we would like to introduce SPIN exchange.

SPIN exchange allows users to trade SPIN with ETH, BTC, and other Altcoins like KNC, KAT, DAI, XRP. By this way, users can easily transfer the tokens collected on BitBattle to SPIN for further battles with each other right away.

Currently, SPIN exchange has listed ETH/SPIN and will update more pairs in the near future. Please be noted that only SPIN PRO is applicable on SPIN exchange; read more about 4 types of SPIN here.

Benefits when using SPIN exchange

  • High liquidity: with only one click, you will get SPIN to continue your battles
  • Preferable price: you will get the cheapest price automatically which is much better than price on Coinbase ( 1 SPIN = $0.1)
  • Simple procedure: there’s no need to jump from your wallet to Coinbase platform, so that you can save significant time and transaction fee
  • Minimum volume: 10 SPIN for both buy and sell orders
  • Payment by ETH: SPIN price is calculated in USDT and is converted to ETH for payment based on exchange rate at the time of transaction

How to buy SPIN on SPIN Exchange

Step 1: Go to SPIN Exchange on Other menu

The market will show all pending selling orders and your current balance

Step 2: Choose Buy SPIN and input the amount you want to buy. The system will get you the cheapest price in the market.

Confirm transaction and check your SPIN balance

If you want to sell your SPIN, place your order by inputting the selling amount and price as below.

You will be charge 1% for each successful transaction.

BitBattle will soon introduce users a brand new Battle called Survival room which rewards 2 ETH for the winner. In order to join Survival room, users need 20 SPIN = $2 which allows them make 20 choices in the room.

Please follow us on fanpage and telegram to get updated early.


About BitBattle

BitBattle is a P2P trading contest platform that allows users to set-up their own battles easily and win valuable rewards