Industry Watch 03 August, 2021 – 09:56

Defily Finance deploys Smart Vault with NAMI-KAI LP Token

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Dear Nami Community,

In order to provide Nami users and community with a new option of financial products when holding NAMI, Nami Exchange continues to cooperate with Defily Finance, deploying Vault with NAMI-KAI LP Token pool from 22:00 on 02.08.2021. Specific information is as follows:

With Vault pool NAMI-KAI LP Token on Defily, users holding NAMI and KAI can provide liquidity for NAMI/KAI pool, receive NAMI-KAI LP Token and contribute this LP token pool to get profit in DFL.

Every 5 minutes, this profit will be used by the system to buy NAMI and KAI, and contribute back to the Vault automatically.

NAMI-KAI LP (Liquidity Pool)

To receive NAMI-KAI LP Token, users need to provide NAMI token and KAI token according to the instructions here.

By contributing liquidity to the NAMI/KAI pool, users will share a portion of the transaction fees and receive LP tokens. Users can use this LP token to deposit into the NAMI-KAI LP Token farm pool or the NAMI-KAI LP Token vault to receive interest up to more than 4,000%/year.

What is Defily Vaults?

Defily Vaults is a product of, helping investors maximize their income with decentralized financial products. With the convenient mechanism of Vault NAMI-KAI LP Token, DFL profits will be automatically allocated by Defily to buy tokens and contribute back to Vaults. Specifically, for every 5 minutes, Vaults will:

  • Auto-harvest rewards with DFL
  • Charge 1.5% buyback fee on harvest rewards to buyback DFL and burn
  • Auto-compound back into Vault
  • Vaults withdrawal fee is 0.09%, distributed in reverse to all investors participating in Vaults


Vault NAMI-KAI LP Token, earn DFL

Information about Vault NAMI-KAI LP Token:

  • Token Vault: NAMI-KAI LP Token
  • Initial APY: 4009%, adjust in real-time

About Defily Finance

Defily is the first ever cross-chain Decentralized Finance project on KardiaChain, which will soon bridge to Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Harmony, Avalanche and Tomochain. (DFL) is the governance token of the platform. Defily focuses on bringing DeFi to everyone in a fun and an easy to understand way. 

About Nami Corporation

Nami Futures of Nami Corp was established in Singapore in 2017, specializing in research and development for Crypto and Forex trading solutions.


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