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Fortune: Someone Stole 7 Bitcoins from Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak

If it can happen to Woz, it can happen to any of us. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said someone stole seven bitcoins from him would now be worth over $70,000.  

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Forbes: The Creator Of Litecoin Sends A Warning About Litecoin Cash

A fork in the Litecoin Blockchain has created confusion and a new cryptocurrency. Why is Litecoin’s creator sending a warning that Litecoin Cash is a scam?

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CNBC: There’s a $799 hack-proof smartphone designed to keep your cryptocurrencies safe

Cybersecurity firm Sikur launched the $799 SIKURPhone at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. It has an in-built cryptocurrency wallet designed to keep digital coins like bitcoin safe. The company claims it tested the device with hackers who were unable to penetrate the device.


Bloomberg: China to Crack Down on Cryptocurrency Trading Loophole

China is opening a new front in its battle against cryptocurrencies, targeting platforms that allow the nation’s investors to trade digital assets on overseas exchanges, people familiar with the matter said.


Forbes: City Of Berkeley Plans To Launch An ICO And Cryptocurrency To Fund Affordable Housing

The city of Berkley plans to launch an “ICO” in May that will help fund affordable housing to support the city’s homeless population. Berkley’s ICO stands for “Initial Community Offering” and will raise funds through municipal backed microbonds.

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Coin Telegraph: Japanese E-Commerce Giant Rakuten To Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency

Japan’s largest online retailer Rakuten is planning to launch its own cryptocurrency based on Blockchain technology and existing loyalty program.


The Edge Market: Bank Negara cautions public on risks associated with digital currencies

Stressing that digital currencies are not legal tender in Malaysia, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) today advised the public to carefully evaluate the risks associated with dealings in such currencies.


Coin Telegraph: Crypto VC Firm Digital Currency Group Invests $114 Mln In Pro-Crypto Silvergate Bank

Cryptocurrency venture capital firm, the Digital Currency Group, has tweeted an announcement of their investment in the crypto-friendly Silvergate Bank.


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