Industry Watch 26 July, 2021 – 15:10

NAMI token listed on KaiDex with NAMI/KAI trading pair

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Dear Nami Community,

To improve the benefits for users and the community, besides constantly optimizing and upgrading products, Nami Exchange also always strives to cooperate with partners, to unfold more profitability optimization opportunities for investors and for the Nami community.

Today, Nami Exchange officially announced to cooperate with KaiDex in listing NAMI token KRC-20 with NAMI/KAI trading pair on KaiDex, from 12:00 on 26.07.2021 (Vietnam time) with Total Value Locked initially at $40,000.

With this cooperation, users on the two ecosystems Nami and KardiaChain have a new liquidity channel to trade NAMI and KAI with fast transaction time and near-zero low fee.

By combining with DeFi partners, in the near future, Nami Corporation will bring more opportunities and options of financial products to NAMI users and communities through Yield Farming, Staking, Lending pools…

About KaiDex

By foreseeing trends and demand for decentralized exchange (DEX) increases in the community, KardiaChain launched KaiDex – a decentralized exchange platform that inherits the advantages of CEX and DEX, and at the same time overcome the shortcomings of the user experience in today’s DEXs.

KaiDex’s advantages are as follows:

  • Powerful trading tools: Stop order, Market order, Limit order
  • Low slippage
  • Fast transfer speed
  • Near-zero low fee
  • 5 seconds settlement

About Nami Corporation

Nami Futures of Nami Corp was established in Singapore in 2017, specializing in research and development for Crypto and Forex trading solutions.


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