Press Release 21 January, 2021 – 18:27

Annoucement: NAMI Token official Smart Contract

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Nami would like to announce that:

In line with the new “One Nami” product strategy, increasing the compatibility of NAMI tokens with modern blockchain technologies while eliminating the amount of NAMI lost in the market, from 21/01/2021, NAMI Token smart contract address will be changed. Currently, users can store NAMI Token on Nami Exchange and VNDC Wallet Pro to swap NAMI Token smart contract automatically.

Besides, users can deposit NAMI Token from other wallets to Nami Exchange wallet until  23:59p.m (GMT+7) on 25/02/2021. After that day, Nami only accepts NAMI token from new contract. Withdrawal and transfer function for NAMI Token on the old smart contract will be locked from 21/01/2021. 

In 2021, Nami Corporation will launch new products in the Nami Finances product group, focusing on promoting user development, increasing the number of traders and efforts to popularize NAMI tokens by cooperating with great partners.


Note: Contact to our supports for detailed instructions of depositing NAMI Token from other wallets.

About Nami Corporation

Nami Corp. is a global FinTech company working on Investment and Technology based on Blockchain. It’s not just a single platform, we have created the whole Ecosystem to help Contributors and Traders around the world to utilize their experience and their money with the slogan “Change mindset, make giant steps”.


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