Press Release 26 January, 2021 – 08:13

Complete migration of Nami Corporation Token (NAMI)

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Important details:

  • From 00:00 (UTC) January 26, 2021 deposit / withdrawal gates for NAMI Tokens have been reopened on Nami Exchange and VNDC Wallet Pro.
  • Nami Corporation will stop supporting NAC tokens from 00:00 (UTC) on January 26, 2021.
  • Total circulation supply of NAMI tokens with new smart contracts is 50,125,360 NAMI.

As Nami Corporation informed, from January 21, 2021, Nami Corporation changed NAMI Token’s smart contract  for the number of NAMI stored in wallets on Nami Exchange and VNDC Wallet Pro automatically.

There are 50,125,360 NAMI stored in Nami Exchange platform and VNDC Wallet Pro have been successfully converted

The conversion process was successful without any technical problems. The Deposit / Withdrawal gates on Nami.Exchange and VNDC Wallet Pro were reopened from 00:00 (UTC) on January 26, 2021.

In 2021, Nami Corporation will launch new products in the Nami Finances products group, focusing on developing user numbers, increasing the number of traders and promoting NAMI Token by cooperating with great partners.


NAMI Corporation Token Details:

Token: NAMI

Standard: ERC-20 

Smart Contract Add: 0x2f7B618993cc3848d6C7ed9CdD5e835E4Fe22b98


Total circulation supply: 50,125,360 NAM


Staking Holders (39.4%)

Investors holding more than 500,000 NAMI in Nami.Exchange wallet will get dividends from daily revenue. The total amount of NAMI in the pool receiving dividends on January 26, 2021 is 20.3M NAMI, accounting for 40.5% of the circulating supply.

Small Holders (32.5%)

In addition, through the ICO and DIPO sales as well as the exchange processes NAMI on crypto platforms, the small investors also accounts for a fairly high proportion of the circulating supply with a total of 16.7M NAMI. accounting for more than 33.5% of the circulating supply.

Ecosystem Development Fund

Through Nami Buy Back programs, the total amount of NAMI acquired in the market is 14,508,394 NAMI, Nami will use this amount of NAMI as a development fund for products in the Nami Corporation ecosystem. Details:

Marketing Fund (2.8%) 

Nami Corporation deducts 1.45M NAMI accounts for 2.8% of circulating supply used as a fund for products marketing activities within the Nami Ecosystem, including promotions, airdrops and community development using Nami Corporation’s products.

Liquidity Fund (16.9%)

8.7M NAMI will be used to ensure liquidity of NAMI, this token can also be used for NAMI listing programs on other exchanges in the near future.

Insurance Fund (8.4%)

4.35M NAMI will be used as an insurance fund for the operation of high security and safety products in the ecosystem including Nami.Exchange and Nami.Trade as well as financial service products in the future. 


About Nami Corporation

Nami Corp. is a global FinTech company working on Investment and Technology based on Blockchain. It’s not just a single platform, we have created the whole Ecosystem to help Contributors and Traders around the world to utilize their experience and their money with the slogan “Change mindset, make giant steps”.

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