Press Release 07 March, 2019 – 07:16

NAC has been listed on FinanceX

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Nami Corporation announced that NAC has been listed on the FinanceX since March 07 2019. Investors who are interested in NAC can now easily exchange, trade, maximize profits with NAC.

FinanceX is a world-class digital asset exchange that provides the ability to trade in local currencies (fiat). FinanceX is moving toward providing convenient, reliable and secure services which help customers buy and sell digital assets in real time. Traders can buy, sell and manage digital assets in fiat without any constraints or any risk of exchange rates. Established by a team of fin-tech experts, and backed by financial institutions from Japan, Singapore, and US, FinanceX inherits years of experiences in development, operation, and management of forex and stock exchanges.

NAC is a cryptocurrency that can operate throughout the ecosystem, especially with the most significant application among the others, this is – a trading platform. NAMI will act as the trading currency for transactions in EURUSD, GBPJPY, GOLD, OIL, S&P500, DAX, BTCUSD, ETHUSD, BTCETH, etc., and more than 3,000 other instruments to choose from.

On FinanceX, NAC can be exchanged with fiat like VND which makes FinanceX a convenient liquidation channel for Nami, especially in Vietnam market. Additionally, in the future, FinanceX will open their platform in other countries in SEA (beside current markets in Vietnam and Indonesia), therefore, foreign investors will be able to get exposure to NAC by their own fiat.



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