Press Release 26 August, 2019 – 04:38 launches BNB Lending by BTC, ETH, USDT

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Nami would like to announce that BNB Buy Back program will allow BNB Lending in order to support users who have BNB demand instantly.

In respect of BNB Buy Back terms, users are allowed to sell a maximum of 50 BNB/ticket which is quite a lot for most of our retail investors. Therefore, BNB Lending is expected to facilitate users’ financial status and earn more in the Buy Back scheme.

BNB Lending Terms and Conditions


Lending BNB is only and exclusively used for BNB Buy Back Program which cannot be withdrawn or exchanged under any circumstances. Each ticket accepts only maximum of 25 Lending BNB.

You are allowed to borrow as many BNB as you want as long as you can afford all lending fee.

Lending Period

From the time of confirmation until BNB Buy Back Program announces results and comes to an end.


Equals to BNB amount to borrow x BNB/USDT rate by the time of confirmation

Interest rate

1% of principal

This amount will be deducted by the time of confirmation as a lending fee

Accepted payment by


Exchange rate decided by the time of confirmation

For example: User want to borrow 200 BNB, rate of 1 BNB = 27 USDT. Principal = 200 x 27 USDT = 5400 USDT.

User has to pay in advance the interest/fee of 1% x 5400 USDT = 54 USDT. 

If user chooses to pay by ETH; rate of 1 ETH = 200 USDT, then lending fee = 0.27 ETH

Redemption & Discharge

Borrowed BNB will be taken back automatically right after the Buy Back Program finishes.

In case, you BNB balance is not enough to repay the loan, USDT amount in your balance will be deducted to make up for the loan accordingly. Exchange rate will be decided by the time of closing the contract.

For example: User got 4 winning tickets out of 8 tickets and sold 100 BNB successfully at the price of 40 USDT. He earns 4000 USDT.

User has to repay 200 BNB he has borrowed before, his balance will be deducted as follow: 

– Deduct 100 BNB (unsold amount)

– Deduct 100 BNB x 27 USDT = 2700 USDT (exchange rate by closing time)

To sum up, user receives 1300 USDT and just paid in advance 54 USDT as a lending fee.

How to borrow BNB?

Step 1: Login and deposit USDT, ETH, BTC to get ready

Step 2: Visit BNB Buy Back, choose to lend BNB. Fill in the BNB amount you want to borrow, payment token then confirm.

Step 3: Borrowed BNB will be displayed in your balance and history. Fill in the BNB amount to sell for each ticket then confirm

Step 4: BNB will be automatically revoked after Buy Back Program finishes.

Refer you friends to receive free tickets and SPIN airdrop.


About Nami Corporation

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