Industry Watch, Press Release 04 November, 2021 – 18:58

Nami Exchange will list Mines of Dalarnia (DAR) and BinaryX (BNX)

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Dear Nami Community,

To expand the portfolio of users and the community, Nami Corporation would like to announce that Nami Exchange officially lists 2 token DAR and BNX with trading pairs:




  • Deposits for 2 tokens open from 19:00 (UTC+7) on November 04, 2021
  • Exchange Trading will open at 19:00 (UTC +7) on November 04, 2021.
  • Withdrawals for 2 tokens will open at 19:00 (UTC +7) on November 05, 2021.

What is Mines of Dalarnia?

Mines of Dalarnia is an action adventure game with procedurally generated levels. Players mine and combine various in-game items, improving their skills and gear in order to unlock the secrets of the MoD universe while searching for rare relics and artifacts.

MoD gameplay is split into two modes: Mining gameplay, a 2D platform-mining game where the player controls a character and guides them through a procedurally-generated level (plot), mining through various blocks of earth, to discover and collect minerals of various rarities. 

Collected minerals are then used to upgrade the character through mining equipment and character attributes. Collected minerals can be also used to craft a refinery which is required to lease a plot of land in the Real Estate gameplay, a management style interface where players buy and lease levels/plots for others to mine within. We are definitely one of the earliest builders in the blockchain game, and the current testnet is public and playable. In the meantime, the current games in blockchain are more emphasizing on the token economics features, where they have the player experience evolve around the “earning” aspect

Information about Mines of Dalarnia (DAR)

  • Token Name: Mines of Dalarnia
  • Ticker: DAR
  • Max Supply: 800,000,000 DAR
  • Total Supply: 800,000,000 DAR
  • Circulating Supply: 123,200,000.00 DAR
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Token type: Utility
  • Standard: ETH-20
  • Address contract: 0x081131434f93063751813c619ecca9c4dc7862a3

What is BinaryX?

Cyber Dragon is a Play to Earn Game based on Binance Smart Chain. This game is powered by BinaryX team. Players can create characters, collect rare equipments and challenge Dungeon. The final challenge is to defeat the ultimate boss, the Cyber Dragon. A hero will receive the dragon treasure house rewards by defeating the dragon.

BNX is Cyber Dragon’s governance token. BNX token holders can participate in community governance and voting on major game decisions. Some key operations of the game require consuming BNX tokens, such as creating heroes, forging rare equipment, challenging the Cyber Dragon dungeon and some top dungeons.

Information about BinaryX (BNX)

  • Token Name: BinaryX 
  • Ticker: BNX
  • Max Supply: 21,000,000 BNX
  • Total Supply: 2,485,629 BNX
  • Circulating Supply: 2,022,897.57 BNX
  • Blockchain: BSC
  • Token type: Utility, Governance
  • Standard: BEP-20
  • Address contract: 0x8C851d1a123Ff703BD1f9dabe631b69902Df5f97

About Nami Corporation

Nami Futures of Nami Corp was established in Singapore in 2017, specializing in research and development for Crypto and Forex trading solutions.


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