Press Release 12 January, 2018 – 20:08

Nami Introducing Brand New Identity

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Our world has changed, all economies are moving. With the mission of Innovation, we’re aware that the brand identity which presents our firm’s vision is what all shareholders, investors and the public are looking at.

No revolution is easy; evolutions and changes are not what everyone is ready for. At Nami, our team believe that YOU are our endless support for us to fulfill the mission of changing life with Technology and creating new happiness.

2017 was a year of rapidly growing for our team, sharing ideas and inspiring people with our products. It takes a hundred No for a Yes, and your precious “Yes” hasn’t only brought the chance to an investment, but also a hope and recognition for our Techonology, Solution and Products to come to life.

Nami’s new Brand Identity proudly brings the message of a new future for Technology, Currency and Trading Revolution. This new Identity is expected to be the icon of hope, faith and encouragement for all the efforts of making life better and wealthier.

Nami understands that trading and investing is never easy, and for every chance of profit, every Investors and Traders needs a strategy, deep understanding and faith for their trading decision.


With this understanding and the hope to be with you on a longer path, Nami believes that the Creators like us have to actually guide and provide opportunities and real values in the waves of Economic, Financial and Investing Market. An assertive decision comes from a wise mind and a heart full of happiness.

Nami’s new icon is developed on Hexa – the most stable geographic of art and design in all time, with 19 dots which means rapid growth in Eastern philsophy. Eastern Feng Shui defines number 19 – one step to reach the sky, as one of the luckiest and meaningful numbers for people who are investing into businesses. There’s not enough luck on earth for all trades, but the hope wherever Nami’s icon shows up will be the sign of growth and wealth.


Thien Hoc | CMO

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