Industry Watch, Press Release 24 February, 2021 – 14:51

Nami opens USDT transactions on the TRON network (TRC-20)

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To enhance the user experience, as well as to meet the needs of USDT deposit/withdrawal with cheap fees and fast time. From 25/02/2021 Nami officially supports USDT trading on TRC-20 platform.


What is USDT TRC-20?

Tether (USDT) TRC-20 is a token standard issued on TRON Blockchain Smart contracts.


Outstanding advantages of USDT on the TRC-20 platform

  • One of the remarkable advantages of trading USDT TRC-20 is fees, when the gas on ERC-20 is getting higher and higher and unstable. TRC-20 withdrawal transactions on Nami Exchange will have transaction fees much lower than ERC-20.
  • The time when trading on TRC-20 platform is greatly shortened, if a transaction on ERC-20 platform will be completed from 3 minutes to 1 day, transactions on TRC-20 will only be from 1 to 5 minutes.
  • USDT users on the ERC-20 platform must be accustomed to the fact that the Ethereum blockchain gets congested every time the market fluctuates. However, for transactions on TRC-20, the transactions are operated quite stably.


How to distinguish USDT ERC-20 and USDT TRC-20

The classification is quite simple, each different USDT has a different wallet address. You need to pay attention to send the correct wallet address to avoid the wrong blockchain transaction leading to loss of assets. USDT – ERC20 wallet address always starts with “0x” while USDT – TRC20 wallet address always starts with “T”. 

Below are examples of the two types of wallet addresses above:

USDT – ERC20 Wallet: 0xc43b0367efd369d08d5d1c00e5d09cf0d978abc1

USDT – TRC20 Wallet: TXUeUHPOImhqiqCCxvSH7ygVHzSKKUuaDsP


How to trade USDT TRC-20 on Nami Exchange

Currently Nami Exchange is supporting both USDT on the ERC-20 and TRC-20 platforms. These two protocols will only involve the USDT deposit/withdrawal features. Both tokens can be used for spot trading as usual. 

Note: Deposit address of some tokens might change over time. User need to verify the deposit address everytime to make the deposit success.