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Nami Technical Updates – October 16th 2018

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Nami Trading game to be launched officially on November 2018

Nami Trading game beta version is now live on

Dear our valued users, long time no see! Nami is back with you guys!

On November 5th, 2018, Nami will release a new product called Nami Trading game. This is a simple trading game where you can evaluate your analysis skills and compete with other players in order to win up to 1 BTC per week. For the time being, beta version of Trading game is live on Nami team welcome all constructive comments from your very first experience with the game for further progresses. At the same time, Nami is still working on developing new functions and improving UI/UX, aiming at a better gaming performance.

Details about Nami Trading game as below:

  • Product:
  • Launching date: November 5th, 2018 (tentative)
  • How to play: you need to choose the direction UP or DOWN or SIDEWAYS of the next candlestick on BTCUSD chart price. Gamer needs 1 SPIN for 1 turn.
  • What’s your rewards: up to 1 BTC per week for the winner who makes 15 consecutive right choices (equivalent to 15 levels in this game). Additionally, for each of your correct direction, you will receive prizes in tokens (DOGE and XLM, for example) in your respective level. The better you perform, the larger amount of tokens are accumulated and multiplied.
  • How to get SPIN: earn free SPIN by completing Nami missions or exchange SPIN easily and instantly on For more details, please visit here.

Nami Technical Updates - October 16th 2018

On beta version, weekly reward 1 BTC is temporarily not available. However, gamers still get their tokens (DOGE and XLM) rewarded after each level. In order to join the game, you just need to install Meta Mask or Trust Wallet and log in For instruction on how to install Meta Mask and Trust Wallet, visit here.

What’s new with official version of Nami Trading game:

  • Weekly reward up to 1 BTC
  • Additional tokens on top 20 coinmarketcap to be rewarded
  • Users can simply sign in with Google, Facebook, and email instead of Meta Mask and Trust Wallet (coming soon)
  • New set of Nami missions which gives gamers more chances for free SPIN
  • New ways to exchange SPIN on

If you have any questions and comments, please join and discuss with us through our telegram channel.



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