Press Release 26 October, 2018 – 09:07

Nami Technical updates October 26, 2018

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Optimize UI/UX for Nami game “The Battle of Bitcoin”

9/ Update 09: Optimize Gamer Interface for Nami game “The Battle of Bitcoin” on desktop

You can keep track of history and status of each match easily while you are playing. At the same time, you can enjoy chit-chatting with other players on social channel “Mini game” as below.

Additionally, Nami added yellow dots above the sideway candles so that you can recognize the direction more clearly.

Moreover, new mission named “Give feedback take SPIN” is updated. You will receive 3 free SPIN on competing this feedback form. Your contributive comments will help us improve the game and bring amazing experience for the community.

10/ Update 10: new functions are added on mobile version of “The Battle of Bitcoin”, getting ready for this afternoon meetup

Tracking the game and status of each match on mobile

Updating Leader Board “BXH”

Adding room chat on the game

Completing new mission called “Give feedback take SPIN” and receive 3 free SPIN.



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