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Nami’s ICO Timeline extends to March 28th, 2018

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Updated on February 5th, 2018:

  • The last day of ICO is March 28th, 2018 due to the synchronization with the current Smart Contract


Raffles Place, Singapore – ICO is an important stage for startups to reach a satisfactory level of capital mobilization and to help investors access effective projects that contribute to success on the basis of common interests of both parties. ICO marks a positive change for the product development efforts of enterprises. Therefore, to have a successful ICO journey, enterprises have to prepare many steps before the ICO.

The confirmed ICO timeline of was from February 01st – 28th, 2018. However, according to this timeline, it will be overlaped with VIetnamese and Asian Lunar New Year – which takes 7 days. This will shorten the investor’s time to complete the NAC purchasing. That’s why will extend the ICO timeline one more month, from February 1st, 2018 to the end of March 28th, 2018.

ICO activity has been very active in Asia, accounting for 70% of the ICO-funded projects around the world. In the near future, half of the Asian population will enjoy Lunar New Year and freeze all trading activities. So, this is necessary for our investors who are interested in joining Nami’s ICO to have more time to understand the product and develop investment plans but still have time to enjoy the holidays.

The estimated NAC’s value during ICO is as follow:



Max quantity

Week 1




Week 2




Week 3




Week 4




Week 5




Week 6




Week 7




Week 8




Under this plan during the ICO, one ETH would be converted to 2050 NACs, equivalent to an increase of 70% over NAC’s pre-ICO value.

Recently, Nami has acquired DropDeck’s brandname and allowed 1800 DDD’s Holders (DropDeck’s investors) to convert DDD Tokens to NAC (Nami Tokens). This process takes a certain time to implement, in order to ensure the accuracy and benefits of the investor. As such, the internal Nami exchange will be opened on March 1st, 2018 instead of February 15th, which was announced earlier.

The expected opening of the internal Nami exchange is moved to March 1st, 2018, in order to our goal to complete the DDD-NAC conversion as well as possible.

100 million NAC units equivalent to 10% of the total number of tokens issued during this ICO are dedicated to the investors who helped spread the information in Referral Progrqam – Community Ambassador campaign, together with the investment fund holders that invest in this ICO round. will add a new function called Binary Option in our ICO’s Smart Contract so our Investors can have more options to purchase NAC with better price than the listed, details as follows:

– The Investors place a Binary Option with a bet of ETH price fluctuation in a certain period of time, in days or hours, so that they can buy NAC at a better price than the listed price and based on each week of the timeline mentioned above. Specifically, if the investors anticipate that the price of ETH after one day will rise, they will place a Binary Option Order and the market turns out properly, each ETH transferred to Nami Wallet by the investors will be converted to 4000 NAC. If not, they will receive 100 NAC.

– Binary Option will be accepted until the number of issued NACs reached 1 billion units, even after the ICO ends in March 2018.

This is also an approach and expansion of the NAC mobilization in the new ICO phase, which initiates for the first time for our Investors – who are capable of predicting the fluctuation of the cryptocurrency market, especially ETH price.


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