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One NAMI | Updates NAMI and SPIN Staking Policy

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Nami Corporation would like to inform investors about some important updates related to staking NAMI and SPIN Token programs. 

Staking NAMI

The program officially started from October 20, 2020. Up to now, after 1 month of implementation, nearly 1 billion VNDC has been allocated to the wallets of 24 investors with a total holdings number of 24,646,272 NAMI. From December 21, 2020, NAMI officially updated the NAMI staking program to match the specific Nami Corporation Token (NAMI):

  1. The NAMI Staking system will not calculate the number of NAMI in the Sell Limit order (pending sale) on the number of NAMI received dividends from investors. For example, an investor has 1,000,000 NAMI and is executing a Sell Limit with 100,000 NAMI. The system will only pay dividends of 900,000 NAMI at this time. In case investors cancel the Sell Limit order,  this amount of NAMI will be included in the total amount to receive dividends 7 days after. This new policy will be applied from 00:00 (UTC) 22/12/2020.
  2. Nami.Exchange will suspend the trading of the NAMI / USDT according to the new agreement with VNDC partners, thereby focusing the main transaction on NAMI / VNDC. Current buy and sell pending orders of the NAMI / USDT pair will be canceled at 00:00 (UTC) – December 22, 2020.  

SPIN Token

SPIN will be automatically converted with NAMI at the rate of 1: 1, along with removing the pair SPIN / USDT at 00:00 (UTC) 22/12/2020. At the time of writing, the prices of SPIN / USDT and NAMI / USDT are 0.028 and 0.0279, respectively. 

The updated NAMI staking policy and consolidation of SPIN and NAMI are part of the One NAMI merger plan and have been calculated to ensure investor interests. Nami Corporation will announce new updates in the One NAMI plan to investors in the next announcements.

Best regards.

The One NAMI program also comes with the change of the new smart contract for NAMI tokens. Current NAMI holders need to put tokens into Nami.Exchange before January 25, 2021 for the update to take place automatically.

About Nami Corporation

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