Press Release 01 April, 2019 – 02:56

Survival Rooms Reward 3 ETH – only for FinanceX users

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As a part of Nami – FinanceX cooperation plan, we would like to introduce a special Battle room exclusively for FinanceX community with reward 3 ETH per week within the next 3 weeks

Battle room: BitBattle – FinanceX Reward 3 ETH

Battle time: 8h30 Apr 04 – 22h30 Apr 11, 2019

Rules: basic rule remains the same, choose UP/DOWN/SIDEWAYS if you think BTCUSD will go UP/DOWN/SIDEWAYS in the next minute. The more correct choices you have, the higher chance that you can win.

Reward 3 ETH will be awarded for top 3 person on the leaderboard.

  • Ticket price: 20 SPIN/ticket = 20 choices
  • 5/10 wrong choices, you are kicked out of the room
  • FinanceX users get 2 free ticket/day
  • You can buy additional tickets as you want
  • Reward 3 ETH for the top 3: the 1st prize is x2 the 2nd prize and x4 the 3rd prize

When you use up your 2 free tickets, you can use 20 SPIN to buy a new one and retry. The system will record your highest performance only.

Buy more SPIN here.


Rewards will be transferred directly to winners’ BitBattle wallet and can be withdrawn anytime. If the winners fail to show evidence that they meet all the requirements, the reward will be terminated.



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